Paul Solis, the art of Ballpoint

Paul’s Work will be shown at Premium, reception date May 1st. 5pm. If you have not been to Matt and Hilary’s place yet, please come to this one. It is exactly the kind of neighborhood, down-home, creative vibe that is welcoming and exactly what our neighborhood needs.

I’ve always drawn. It goes as far back as first grade when I would draw strange stacked space ships and my classmates. I also would draw on place mats at every restaurant I would go to with my grandparents. I guess it’s always been a way to calm down and focus.”

“I usually don’t title things I have a hard time with it. I feel like if I set titles for things and people try to interpret the title before the work. There are times when I do title work but it’s usually not really serious I appreciate humor over some pretentious serious title.”

Paul is not going to be showing this large-scale painterly stuff at the show at Premium. He is scheduled to show at Zza’s next December though, so look out for it.

Paul is from Southern California but went to school at CCA. The above picture is a bit out of focus so I darkened it up a bit. It is more indicative of the kind of work Paul will show at Premium next month.

“My mom and dad have always worked in offices and I would use what ever was readily available. The immediacy and permanence of ballpoint is important to me as well. I am impatient and having a tool I can grab and create with right away is the best.”


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