John Casey, Ghost Scout

The Art of John Casey can be seen at and

The Installation GHOST SCOUT can been seen from the outside of the Hive, in what is known as the Project Space at 301 Jefferson, Oakland, California, through the end of the month. The following includes exclusive photographs taken inside the project space itself to offer a unique view of the show.

John Casey exhibited Ghost Scout before. At Swarm. It still haunts me. The kind of haunt that gets down in your bones and makes me wonder about my life. Now that he has brought the Ghost Scout out again and put him in the middle of an installation at the Hive, I have a chance to air some of my thoughts on the little guy. The boy scout, as a symbol, represents an ideal; an ideal made up of all the good things that you wanted to be when you were young and well, idealistic. As we have grown more jaded over the years, living in this oh so quaint town of ours (Oakland), some of those idealistic tendencies have become less and less well, realistic. The Ghost Scout reminds us to be good, to be ourselves, even though he is blighted himself, even though we may not be who we always wanted to be. 

Installation statement by John Casey:

I send forth my trusty scout to locate my past ghosts and point them
out in all of their morbid glory. This scout is also a kind of ghost
from my past so he is well suited for the job. Once located, the
ghosts manifest themselves. Once in full view, the ghosts appear
fragmented like dreams. This installation contains ghosts, both
metaphorically, as described above, and figuratively. Each physical
part of the whole originally belonged to another installation. The
parts were reassembled to create a new narrative, little spirit
snippets to haunt a new ghost story.

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