Down to Earth with Ken Davis

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Ken Davis was nice enough to have me over to his new home in Alameda today. Here he is with his new dog Peanut. Ken shares the home with his lady Elaine who was at work when I stopped by. I am very excited because Ken is sharing his work in the show I am getting together at Five Points Art House in San Francisco, June 3.

Ken’s father was an archaeologist and here pictured are a few choice pieces from the collection. I am particularly drawn to the Mexican Folk deer hanging center.

Ken is a fan, and indeed a friend of one of my favorate aritsts, Sacramento artist Skinner, who is represented in Ken’s collection in a number of places, including these three bottles above his living room window.
I met Ken about a year ago when we shared a wall at the Bedford Gallery’s “Full Deck, a History of Skateboard Art” and am so thrilled to see his text again in new skate decks, like the one pictured above and detailed below.
Ken is a master illustrator who moves from piece to piece, letter to letter like a figure skater. His angled easel with heavy duty magnets placed strategically in a west facing studio is where the magic happens.

This was one of the decks that was in the Skateshow (which is now on a national tour.) It is underneith another original Skinner, with a pic of your friend and mine, Batboy. All over Ken’s apartment are signs of my barely recoverable youth: Descendents CDs, Samhain videos, Powell Peralta Skateboards. This guy is so honestly O.G. it makes me yearn in a way for my own rememberances of how ideal and aggressive I used to be. Like his font: ideal and aggressive.My girlfriend says she really needs the below painting in her office, for real.

I prefer this one.

Ken and Elaine just adopted their new dog who was apparently abandoned just a couple of days ago at the Petco. It is a really nice dog even if from the back he looks like a hat.

Ken is a collector at heart. This is a sample of his library which is full of books on a variety of subjects from ettiquette to font (of course, typography…)

Eyeballs. He is working on a whole series. Stay posted to my blog for updates as the show in June approaches…

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