The aim of Swee(t)Art is to present and promote Oakland and Bay Area visual art. Swee(t)Art considers dynamically conceptual art in the context of the community it was created in. The website presents exclusive content including proprietary photographs and interviews/ studio visits with local artists.

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Swee(t)Art is a website run by Oakland artist and curator Obi Kaufmann. It existed as zine style magazine from 2006 to 2008. Swee(t)art Drawing Gallery opened in August of 2009 in North Oakland. The Gallery closed in December of 2010. It was located at 1167 65th Street, inside the Compound Gallery. Compound Gallery still thrives.  Obi’s phone #925-951-7501

Currently, Obi is the visual arts writer for the East Bay Express and the writer for

Obi, along with August Varlack, hosted LIVE ART WEDNESDAYS at Levende, every Wednesday from September 2010 to June 2011. Obi is the publisher of the long running magazine/website Swee(t)art: Oakland California Visual Art, the facilitator the 40th Street Corridor Art Quest, and was the curator of Zza’s Wine Bar Gallery for four years. Obi has also been a guest curator at Five Points Art House and was the Arts Editor for the Berkeley Times in 2010.

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Mixing both the Sweet and the Tart, Swee(t)Art has always been about the many flavors of contemporary Oakland . Although the gallery/website is committed to showcase regional and national art and the focus is on the local community, the scope of the work is not provincial and the themes, craftsmanship and presentation of all the high-concept shows at Swee(t)Art are of the highest aspiration in both presentation of the individual and cohesiveness of the group.


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