Swee(t)Art elsewhere in Print and Video

2012 World Saving Device, Oakland Art Enthusiast

2012 World Saving Device Jon Carling Tumblr

2012 World Saving Device, Bunnywax

2012 the new East Bay Express Arts Writer, Obi Kaufmann

2012 reviews for the East Bay Express by Obi Kaufmann

2012 Bacchinae at Zza’s by Ryan McJunkin

2011 Live Art Wednesday in Diablo Magazine

2011 Live Art Wednesday, Oakland North

2011 Live Art Wednesday, WTFDTO

2011 Marcos Lafarga, Live art Wednesday, Oaklandish

2011 Alison Tharp, Live Art Wednesday, Oaklandish

For 2012 Exhibit reviews by Obi Kaufmann, Link here

2010 In gallery interview, Angela Woodall, Oakland Tribune

2010 Alison Tharp on Bunnywax

2009 “Art and Commerce Collide” Oakland Magazine.

2009 “In the Mix” Oakland Magazine

2009 Piedmont Post, Curator of the Year, Obi Kaufmann

2009 Video Feature. Northoakland.net, regarding ArtQuest http://oaklandnorth.net/2009/03/02/art-quest-along-the-40th-street-corridor/

2009 Interview. Sprayblog.net http://www.sprayblog.net/spraygraphic-interview-with-artist-obi-kaufmann/

2009 “Obi Kaufmann Declares the Buzz is Back” Piedmont Post, by Ross Todd Kerr

2009 “Fine Stitching” Piedmont Post, by Isabelle Ringer

2009 “Brian Caraway at Zza’s” Blankspace blog

2009 “January Art Walk” Bunnywax Art Blog

2008 “Month Ahead in Oakland Art” Dec 2008, Feb 2009, Oakbook.com, by Theo Konrad Auer

2008 “Resurrection: Dead Spaces” East Bay Express, by Dewitt Chang

2008 “Over at Zza’s Friday Night” Angela Woodall, Oakland Tribune

2008 “Zines rock the art and paper worlds” Oakland Tribune, by Angela Woodall

2008 “There! New art from Oakland ,” KQED video feature, Gallery Crawl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qd7gpsK7uTU

2007 “The There, There” San Francisco Guardian

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