Brett Amory, Not his first Rodeo

Brett’s been making big waves these days. Oakland Painter done real good. He lives in West Oakland in a building that looks like it stepped out of the California sunshine and into one of his paintings. You can catch him down in Culver City this month in a solo exhibit called “The Waiting Room” at ThinkSpace. If you happen to be overseas, you can also find him in London at LondonMiles as part of a group show called “The Next Generation”

Obi: Is the ThinkSpace show your first in LA/Culver City? How did that come about?

Brett: This is my first Solo in La. I started working with ThinkSpace last June. They have  been really good to work with. They put me in a couple art fairs a have been building me up for this show.

Obi: How many years has it been since the Academy? As you look back on Art School, would you do it again?

Brett: I graduated in 2005. I wasn’t an artist before going to art school. I started out as a motion picture major but I was hanging out with illustrators and painters so I started painting. Art school connected me with artist which influenced me to paint. I wouldn’t take any of it back.

Obi: Although startling original, I see a lot of Bay Area Figurative in your work. I also so influences like Diebenkorn. Is that right? Do you have an allegiance to these traditions?

Brett: The bay area expressionist are huge influences. They are who I looked at and respected in the very beginning. I’ve been told my work is an extension of the bay area expressionist. I am always trying to merge abstraction with realism so in that respect I can see the comparison.

Obi: What is your history with Oakland? How long have you been here and how is it influencing your work?

Brett: I have been in West Oakland for a year and half. I was living in San Francisco in the Tenderloin for 12 years and my neighborhood had a huge influence on my work. Oakland is starting to pop into the work. Oakland has a different feeling compared to SF. The architecture is older and seems a little more run down. It reminds me of the east coast in many ways. When I get back from LA I was planning on starting an Oakland series. 


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