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I don’t represent artists…representation means something specific in the art world and is frankly, an old model of business I am not interested in. Instead, I am the Advocate for many artists. This community then is a sort of collective of friends and colleagues. The aim is respect, mutual promotion and to provide a quality and insightful platform for emerging and establish Bay Area artists, whether it be physical gallery shows or other virtual media, vis-a-vis the website. Although I run a lot of shows out of the Wine Bar and the Levende Gallery and call it curating…I think a better word is coordinating, which is a combination of logistics and promotion. Keep in touch, Obi

Artist links, in alphabetical order by last name.

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Mike Bullas (

Jason Byers (

Brian Caraway (

John Casey (

Ken Davis (

Matt Decker (

Bruk Dunbar (

Sarah Filley (

Patricia Gillespie (

Dave Higgins (

Kara Joslyn (

Marcos Lafarga (

Jaime Lakatos (

Hunter Mack (

Michael Mellon (

Crystal Morey (

Dan Nelson (

Robert Porter (

John Rogers (

Alex Rosmarin (

Lucien Shapiro (

Savanna Snow (

Paul Solis (

Micke Tong (

Lexa Walsh (

Derek Weisberg (


  • Moises Aragon

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