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I am super excited about Week 3, Drawing Wednesdays at Levende Tomorrow. Frankly because it is Ladies Night. The majority of the artists tomorrow will be woman and that is a first in the oh so brief history of Drawing Wednesdays. A couple of these artists has shows on the immediate horizon, including Alison Tharp this Saturday Night at Zza’s and Jaime Lakatos, with her solo show next month at the Compound. Dan Nelson is our guest artist from Portland who happens to be in town this week, his work is now at the Swee(t)Art Drawing Gallery. He says he is going to try and make over a hundred drawings tomorrow afternoon. I hope to see you there. -obi


I’ll be at LEVENDE from now on, every Wednesday from 4pm to 7pm. I am so thrilled with this new idea. The Owner of Levende, Dirk Kahl, hired my friend August Varlack as a bartender recently and they got to talking about ways to get people into the bar before mid-week dinner. Dirk is a creative guy who has seen Sketch Tuesdays out at Minna; August contacted me about booking the artists…Voila! DRAWING WEDNESDAYS. I have been thinking about getting something like this together in the East Bay anyway. Funny how that works.

The place itself is beautiful. Levende has a nice long table where the artists will work. August will DJ and oh my, $3 Modelo on tap!

I have assembled forty artists, ten per week on a rotating schedule. Every Tuesday I will announce Wednesday’s line-up. -obi

Here are some images from the event. It is incomplete. I am am still learning how to contextualize it all.


  • Moises Aragon