Piedmont ave Art Walk, Oakland, March 2012

Erica puts the whole thing together. Her shop is The Rare Bird. Piedmont Ave Art Walk happens every Third Thursday of the month. She is doing the work of a small army.

I am a sucker for the brilliant and simple merchandising at The Rare Bird. The jewelry-art of Katie Evans.

I love plein aire works from the early 20th century. above: Harry Emerson Lewis, Solitude, 1905.  From the collection of Page Yarwood, on display at Cafe Crush (3943 Piedmont Ave. Oakland) show runs through April 19th.

Steve Robinson, owner of Lireille, displaying his work to an admirer.

Gaylords coffee shop show featuring work by Jackie Im and Aaron Harbour

  1. Marietta

    We agree! Erica has great vision and sense of community! She has made a difference! Her store is phenomenal! I’m a fan Go visit….Marietta.

  2. James

    If you want a great eclectic selection of things you want or need and customer service from the good old days drop by Rare Bird. Erica will make you welcome. She’s a gem!

  3. Alessandra

    Erica is amazing! She is doing such a great job at Rare Bird and at Piedmont Ave. The mural she commissioned added another life to the alley between Rare Bird and Cato’s.
    Erica’s love for art is “contagious” and I’m really happy that she brings these amazing artists every month to her store and has a party!
    Can’t get much better than that.

  4. Lorita

    It’s a terrific store! Always have wonderful, unique items! Keep up the great job!

  5. Thanks for postin’ our sillyness!


  6. Obi, your review of the Art Walk on pIedmont has given us so much love. Our community is fantastic and I am pleased you are a part of it. a thousand Thank yous for your support. We continue the party on May 17th! See ya’ll there. xo

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