Top Ten – Oakland Art Murmur – Feb 2012

10. (above, left) Mary Curtis Ratcliff at Mercury 20

Ratclliff’s multimedia show skates a varied line between media and style – always doing it with fun and confidence.

9. (above, right) Tiffany Schmierer at Roscoe Ceramic Gallery

Shmierer’s crowded ceramic landscapes evoke an impossible, dream-space of textures and color – like a tactile video game set.

8. Irwin Luckman at Hatch Gallery 

Luckman’s monument models depict mammoth, public works where people could gather – then, simply through the organic design of the monuments themselves, collectively bliss out.

7. Beili Liu at Vessel

Liu’s bold installation conjures a kind of alchemy where fragility and form dance in a weightless dream of metaphysical resonance.

6. Jenn Shifflett at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary

Shifflett is a painter’s painter – the depth she attains with her subjectless, ethereal paintings is a sheer joy to ponder.

picture courtesy of the Chris Vogel.

5. Chris Vogel at FM

Vogel’s immaculate graphic sensibility feeds these gorgeous objects with a refined and polished novelty.

4. Sonja Hinrichsen and Chris Treggiari at Krowswork

Video artist Hinrichsen and sculptor Treggiari collaborate to build a new vision of life around the Bay. In a kind of Plato’s Cave, shadows dance, illuminated by atmospheric video – a new myth and a new history to describe a place at once so foreign and so familiar.

3. Skinner and Alex Pardee at Zero Friends 

Skinner, at right, Pictured with me, Obi Kaufmann. Skinner is one of my favorites. I love his humor, his style – all of it. I am so glad to see Zero Friends open. I got Skinner’s new book and it kicks ass.

2. (above, right) Filth Grime, with 4 others, at Telegraph

The floor to ceiling art of five very talented street artists makes up the first show at Telegraph. Seems timely and artistically new in an age of so much political dialogue in our fair city.

1.  (above, left) Christina Corfield at Johansson Projects

Corfield’s work does nothing to assuage our technological anxiety of the massive paradigm shifts involved with becoming a digital world – fortunately she can paint a picture like nobody’s business.


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