Geary Galleries, San Francisco, January 2012

above, pictured, Tara Tucker at Rena Bransten Gallery, lower left, David Huffman at Patricia Sweetow and lower right, the juxtapositions of Todd Hido at Stephen Wirtz.

The East Bay’s own Tara Tucker stole the whole scene tonight with her third show at Rena Bransten – and frankly, I think it was her best. The work is loose and open, she uses natural linens, pillow-like structures and other non-conventional media as ground for her visionary illustration. Her bears and other spirit-affinities call to me (as they should call to everyone) in a kind of desperate longing for relationship – an aesthetic ecosystem that seems awfully relevant right now. I was so glad to find her because I was getting scared, as I guess I do so often when I walk around the really expensive art – scared of being bored to death. There are many gems though: Patricia Sweetow is hosting the work of painter David Huffman, and that is lose-yourself worthy painting and I am always happy to lose myself. The other big surprise was Todd Hido‘s photography at Stephen Wirtz – it is really rare that I get dumb in front of photography but this show is epic, or should I say Epic! with a capital E and some unnecessary punctuation… Silvery nostalgia and strange juxtapositions make for an experience that is impenetrable yet familiar.

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