Oakland Art Murmur, Sep. 2011, choice works

The galleries around 23rd and Telegraph are now open on Saturday afternoons. Being a fan of local art and not the stifling throngs that make up the First Friday crowd, I find that it is definitely the time to actually be able to appreciate the objects and environments on display. To be chosen as one of SWEE(t)ART Picks, the piece needs to exemplify exactly the point I believe the artist is trying to make in the context of the larger body of exhibited work. I only pick one piece per artist per show. In the case of a group show, I pick the piece that gets to the heart of the theme of the particular curation. I am very proud of Oakland art right now and the endless hours of labor and love that artists, curators and gallerists have put into making this thing happen every month has never been more readily apparent. The work is beautiful and the themes are real, visceral and alive…I believe the work below, as stunningly disparate as it is as a whole from one to the next, represents the very best of Oakland art today.  –Obi Kaufmann

Below are my own pictures, with links to more information about the work. click on the images to enlarge.

David Gregory Wallace at Krowswork

Art Moura at FM

Pamela Merory Dernham at Vessel, photographed with permission

Tabitha Soren at Johansson Projects

Cathy Cunningham-Little at Chandra Cerrito

Joseph Kowalczyk at FM (studio view)

Julie Alvarado at Mercury 20

  1. Thank you Obi!

    It is wonderful to have your support and your discerning eye focused on art in Oakland.

    Many thanks,

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