Remembering Live Art Wednesday

It has been two months already since Live Art Wednesday went on Hiatus. LAW was always a really good time. September 2010 through June 2011. I always took a bunch of pictures of the work made and of the artists making the work. It always felt like friends gathering to make work together. Levende, the venue where it was held in Old Oakland is gone and now Live Art Wednesdays is too. If you want to see the archive of pictures you are going to need to become my friend on facebook, Obi Kaufmann. Here are some pictures that I just found in my phone of one random LAW in mid-April. Nice portraits of some of my favorite local talent. I have included links to their websites too and mentioned a little bit of what they are up to.

Alison O.K. Frost Alison’s drawing is featured in this month’s ART IN A BOX, subscription service through the Compound Gallery.

Michael McConnell Michael just had a well received show at Braunstein/Quay Gallery, San Francisco.

Brian Caraway just had a great show at We Gallery in Oakland

Aaron Petersen just had an awesome show at Braunstein/Quay as well.

Maya Kabat is about to have a show of drawings at Victorian Rat Gallery in Oakland.

Steven Barich was recently interviewed here at Swee(t)Art in conjunction with his show at Branch Gallery.

Nathaniel Parsons had a great show at Levende itself a few months back. He also recently performed at SOEX in the city.

Live Art Wednesdays.

  1. Whatever happened to Live Art?? This looks SO COOL. I’m a young artist who’s just moved to Oakland and though Art Murmur is just incredible, I would love to see more collaborative activity-based events like this. Any info/pointers?
    Joanna Swan

  2. thanks Joanna…We did it for a long time and then all moved on to other things. Check out the Live Art scene at Actual Cafe. That’s its closest descendant.

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