Oakland Art. November. 2010

I am obsessed with Oakland art. What is this mangled rainbow? What is this nuclear tidepool? Where, what and who is the true Oakland? Under the beautiful East Bay sky on an early fall evening, it is easy to wander from one gallery to the next and daydream about how the discrepancies define the unity of this regional art powerhouse. The truth is that plurality defines the identity and is the source of an authority in this community that yearns to be truly metropolitan and is certainly past provincial. Art certainly reflects as much as it does invent and this month it hit me hard, all of it: the mechanical to the organic, the natural to the toxic, the violent to the compassionate, the harmonious to the cocophanous…It is with this backdrop, this perpetually emerging culture, I have prepared below a wide swath of images of work that will continue to haunt me, the very best of the work that is being exhibited in Oakland Galleries right now.

Dan Grayber at 21Grand. http://21grand.artpractice.org/

Jen Tong at Oakapolis. http://www.oakopolis.org/gallery/index.html

Dave Meeker at Mercury20. http://www.mercurytwenty.com/

Installation by Elle and Denise Joy Amos at FM Gallery. http://fmoakland.com/home.html

Misako Inaoka at Johansson Projects. http://johanssonprojects.com/jopro.html

Jonathen David and Otto Schroeder at Hatch Gallery. http://www.hatchgallery.org/

Brian Caraway at Chandra Cerrito. http://www.chandracerrito.com/ccc/

Wendy Crittenoen at 4707 Telegraph. http://4707telegraph.wordpress.com/

Walking west on 25th and Telegraph, Oakland, California. 6:13 pm, November 5th, 2010

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