Dia de los Muertos at Victorian Rat

I am very pleased to be included in the Dia de los Muertos show at Victoria Rat in North Oakland. Curators/Artists/Fiances Brianna Brianna Brandow and David Seiler transformed their garage into a very tidy exhibition space and the quality of work the wrangled into this current show is stunning. The show makes reference to David’s own Mexican heritage and the collected work all feels vaguely religious in iconography if not at least reverential.

The space will be open twice more to celebrate the opening: this Friday and Saturday night. The location is at 3758 Manila in Oakland. The hours are six pm to nine pm and the artists involved are: David Seiler, Randy Noborikawa, Deja Garcia, Matt Decker, Brianna Brandow, Anthony Chase, Obi Kaufmann.

artist: Deja Garcia

collaborative work by Randy Noborikawa (left) and David Seiler (right)


Matt Decker offers another of his painstakingly lyrical compositions. Matt Decker is available for commission. premiumarmy@gmail.com

Yes, this is my work. “Your Family will Live forever.” Obi Kaufmann.

Randy Noborikawa

David Seiler and Brianna Brandow in front of Victorian Rat. http://victorianrat.squarespace.com/

  1. Despite the rain, a very livley gatherig for Dia de los Muertos at Victorian Rat last Saturday night 10/23/10. Enjoyed the art, enjoyed talking with the artists about their art, and was impressed with the number of people who turned out on damp evening. Oakland has got a livley art scene, but you knew that already. –ColorfulClay

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