Warflower, my only show of paintings in the Bay Area this year, opened last night at Five Points Art House in San Francisco. The above picture, taken by Jason Bryan, the owner of Five Points, is of me about an hour before we started letting people in. The sun was still up and the candles were not yet lit. I am blowing on a small smudge stick of White Sage. There were almost a hundred candles that illuminated accompanied drawings throughout the evening, encircling the Coyote skull fetish in the middle of the massive gallery. As the night went on, the candles heated the room and as everybody began to sweat in the muggy atmosphere which added to the cave-like environment. The large cargo doors at the front of the gallery were opened and folks circulated between the sauna-like gallery and the cool San Francisco night air.

The place was packed from about seven o’clock till about midnight with a surreal array of community members from both sides of the bay including friends both old and new, collectors, family members who came from near and far, and a few press guys. Todd Kerr, my new boss at the Berkeley Times distributed free copies of the first issue of the subscription only newspaper.

Leb Borgerson, my dear brother-like friend from Portland, spun albums all night long creating an ambient, moody soundscape that complimented the work perfectly. I knew it would. Leb is  not a DJ, he is a musician. He writes songs and plays a million instruments in spooling dark pop-based band called Quiet Countries.

I could not realistically have imagined a more perfect evening. I had about 100 works of art for sale and sold half of the show and I am so humbled and grateful for the community support. The show is up for about a month. If you missed it last night, check the Five Points website  schedule for hours and events in the space throughout the month. I love that the Five Points community will be using the space even as the work remains on the wall. If you bought one of the works, you already know that the price includes either shipping on the drawings, or local delivery and installation on the large paintings. Thank you all. I look forward to seeing you again soon. -Obi


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