Alex Rosmarin at Swee(t)Art Drawing Gallery

Alex kicks ass in his new show at Swee(t)Art. Drawings sell for $175 to $250. unframed.

The show is called “Entangled.”

Swee(t)Art Drawing Gallery

1167 65th Street. Oakland.

Hours Wed thru Sun 12-6pm

Show runs through Sep 19th

(here is an impromptu facebook conversation artist Cheyenne Pallo and I had before Alex’s opening last week.)

Obi Kaufmann: Last night Alex says to me: “My drawings are like Oakland, they both remind me of an vacant lot when you were a kid. Wild and dirty. That’s why I love this town.” Alex Rosmarin’s show opens tonight at the gallery. I Hope to see you.

Cheyenne Pallo: Ummm, we should all aspire to filter through some wild. Some filth. Well put. (& I’ll be wanderin in, curious eyes & all).

Obi Kaufmann: Right. Tangles, brambles, dandelions, ladybugs and lizards.
Cheyenne Pallo: Crocodiles, crazies, & hidden gold. What gardens we have!
Obi Kaufmann: Crows and black sage, old rusty trucks, praying mantis and old oaks.
Cheyenne Pallo: ‎& rusty nails, right? & rusty women. The wildest roots break the filthiest cement. Its simple ~ Home be heaven! lol.

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