Swee(t)Art Drawing Gallery

1167 65th Street. Oakland. California.

Obi Kaufmann. Curator, operator, phone 925.951.7501

The Drawing Gallery operates philosophically from a place near the origin of visual art. As a force in the world, Drawing separates humanity from all other terrestrial life-forms with its mysterious ability to transmit rudimentary information about beauty, mortality and emotive trans-generational divinations. Modern Art has subdivided itself into a million nodes of fashion and commodity and still there remains this mark-making impulse that ties us to the beginning of all art which begat then language: writing, theater, the visual arts, et al. The Drawing…the first beautiful word of the hand, the first dance, where the mind meets the eye and the creative spark is kindled and kept.

Swee(t)Art? Yes. It used to be a magazine,and then a website…now a gallery. Mixing both the Sweet and the Tart, Swee(t)Art has always been about the many flavors of contemporary Oakland . Although the gallery is committed to showcase regional and national art and the focus is on the local community, the scope of the work is not provincial and the themes, craftsmanship and presentation of all the high-concept shows at Swee(t)Art are of the highest aspiration in both presentation (of the individual) and cohesiveness (of the group).


  1. 1 Micke Tong, the Cyborg Sneak « OAKLAND SWEE(t)ART

    […] of glamours facades and brilliant design. Micke’s drawings will be on display this month at Swee(t)Art Drawing Gallery as part of the THIS INVENTED EARTH show that opens May 29th. I visited Micke in his secret base and […]

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