Gared Luquet, ROAR at the Hive

Gared Luquet is my neighbor at the Hive Studios in Downtown Oakland. The guy lives in this frequency that is contageous and fascinating. His age belies his talent as he is young and his work is mature. I asked him a couple of questions in anticipation for his solo show at the new Hive gallery next month.

Show information:

ROAR, mixed media paintings by Gared Luquet
The Hive Gallery
301 Jefferson St. (Jack London Square)
Oakland, CA 94607

Reception: Friday, May 7th, 2010. 6-9pm
Private viewing is available by appointment, May 8-31

below, a picture of Gared at work in his studio, click to enlarge

Obi: Do you consider yourself a conceptual painter?

Gared: I don’t know if this is bad to say right off the bat, but I had to look up what a conceptual painter was. But after further review, I would not consider myself to be a conceptual painter. I recently I had a series of paintings where the concept was something I thought about and really tried to incorporate it into my work, but it was never the main focus. I am open to dabbling into the conceptional world when inspired, but most often my thoughts are concerned with the material and composition.

Obi: How did you come to this style of painting?

Gared: I have always painted the way I do, since becoming an abstract painter in 2008. I have always been fascinated by discovering new material and inventing different techniques. I am not satisfied with making the same painting over again. It’s sort of a self test for me, to try new materials and finding a resolution. Since day 1, I know a painting is finished when 1. It has a rich, innovative, and engaging surface texture, combined with a composition in elemental harmony. And 2. I don’t leave it outside to dry on the street for anyone to take.

Obi: How do you Title your work?
Gared: Good question. I am really inspired by song lyrics and how then relate to the emotions that I see and feel in my paintings. I also like poking fun with a little word pun now and then. Statements I have made as well as statements from a few other friends have made paintings titles. For example, I said to my friend, “That splatter looks like a turtle!” and she replied, “Yea, A VERY SICK TURTLE!” Obviously I have to name my painting after a reply as cool as that!

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