Report: Swee(t)Art opens!

A Beautiful evening in April. Oakland showed up, ready to appreciate and recognize an amazing amount of work, now manifest at the Compound’s new place on 65th. I got my little corner room and am launching a year long campaign of new shows of Drawing and nothing but Drawing. Swee(t)Art opens again with a show of drawings by sculptors entitled Protoform. The reception last night was held in conjunction with the opening of the Compound Gallery, Professor Squirrel and the Artist Gallery.

click on each image to enlarge

I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to use this space and I promise to deliver shows that engage the art community with critical themetic issues and interestig presentations. Do you draw? Contact me. I am always hunting for new artists. I know, I know, artists are everywhere here in the East Bay, but I just can’t get enough.

Matt Reynoso and Lena Verderano Reynoso are the owners of the Compound. Their driving, positive energy has lead to this, a community of artists thriving in a once whithering and now fecund neighborhood in West Oakland. Here they are approaching their gallery for its first opening, the heavy lifting is all done, time for the reception.

Lucien Shapiro in the corner, in front of his installation at Swee(t)Art Drawing Gallery.
Tallulah Terryll and Alissa Goss share a beautiful show at the Compound’s premier show.
Don’t worry that the Blankspace Gallery kids will have nothing to do now that Blankspace is no more. Jason Byers’ (right) show at Rowan Morrison premiered last night as well. Kerri Johnson, Jason’s wife and Lena’s cohort in running the boutique Professor Squirrel was busy all night putting lotion in the basket.
Carrissa Bowman and her whole tribe in front of the Compound’s new location.
Bruk Dunbar comes up for air in the throng.
Ross Todd Kerr, longtime art correspondent for the Piedmont Post made a huge announcement in my gallery last night. As soon as I get a real press release frmo him. I will let you all know, we are having lunch next week. Looking sexy in the John Casey shirt Todd!
Lucien, Crystal Morey and Alissa are used to me taking pictures. Mostly.
Thank you all so much for the great kick off. Let’s do it again next month with THIS INVENTED EARTH…The next show at Swee(t)Art; expect the press release this week. -Obi

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