Hunter Mack, Pastor/al

Obi Says: Hunter Mack is a talented painter with a background in engineering. The paintings in this show are consistant with his portfolio in that they stick to this repetive, melodic, algorithmic, checkerboard motif. The effect of the subtle colors against the stark streaks of white and other bold colors reminds me of a song by some as yet unknown indie band making music that is not noise and is not pop, but still works. Did I mention that Hunter runs a record label too? In any case, I am proud to have this work in the Wine Bar Gallery right now and if you are interested in purchasing any of the works that are left please let me know. you can email me at Please download the PDF image sheet and if you would like to check out the show in person, head on down to Zza’s. They are open everyday at five o’clock. The show runs through July 8.

Opening Reception. When: Saturday May 1st, 6-9PM
Where: Zza’s Enoteca (550 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA, 94618)

Click here to link to Hunter Mack’s Studio Visit and interview from April 2010

Click here to link to Hunter Mack’s Studio Visit and interview from April 2009

Hunter Says: ALSO, in conjunction with this show, my good friend Graham Hill and I are collaborating on a project. We’re raising funds through Kickstarter to produce a limited edition archival art print and 7″ vinyl record. Both items are shaping up to be pretty awesome. We’ve got 8 days left to raise $301 – the project does not get funded if we don’t reach our goal of $2000. By pledging to the project you can receive the record, the print, or even an original piece of art. Check out the website and support us!

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