Sneak Peek! Little Pieces at The Hive, Oakland,

Little Pieces opens at the Hive Gallery near Jack London Square Friday Night. Just around the corner from Swarm, which is showing a beautiful show by Sacha Eckes and Tia Factor, and jusst up the block from Art@theOakbook which is throwing a brilliant show including the artists Savanna Snow and Michael Eli, The Hive has grown!

Urban Legen Wine opens that night too and according to Elise Morris, who runs the Hive studios/gallery:

“Also, we have a new doorway in the gallery that will allow direct access to the winery! So we can all go taste wine and see the show without even going outside!! Also Gared Luquet will have some paintings in the winery tasting room as a preview for his show at the Hive next month.”

I love little shows like this: a rush of works all painstakingly chosen by each artist to somehow represent what they do. Artist studios communities like this foster really quality work, like a pressure cooker, you rent dollars are ticking away, get to work!

Here are a couple of Pics I took from the show and got permission to post here prior to the opening. there is a lot of work being made here. come on by. 6-9pm. Friday.

(above) Marc Landes

(above) Rhia Hart

(above) Jason Silverio

(above) Selina W
I Will be in my studio from 6 to 7. come on by and have a beer with me. -Obi.

  1. So wish I could go see art and come and have a beer with you. That's funny, there's a photo of a lightpost in Oakland that looks JUST like one I took years ago!Talk soon,Tara

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