The Trophy Room June 3, 2010

About the Curator where you can link to his blog of regularly posted studio visits with Bay Area artists.

Click here to download Image Sheet for the Trophy Room


A group show of art
Curated by Obi Kaufmann

Ken Davis
Jaime Lakatos
Nathaniel Parsons
Savanna Snow
Derek Weisberg
Lexa Walsh

Gallery: Five Points Art House
72 Tehama. San Francisco, CA 94105

Show Runs June 3rd through June 27th , 2010
Opening Reception, First Thursday, June 3rd, 6-9pm

This show is based around a model of the artist as collector of souvenirs. Souvenirs that may or may not transcend the world of Kitsch but are certainly profoundly resonant with memory and intention. These souvenirs are crafted heroically from an unknown and creative challenge that are then brought back to the community as evidence of said challenge. This proverbial head-from-the-hunted-beast is a symbol of process and the Thing conquered. The process transformed in an almost socially-alchemic, transubstantiation into thing of art, a product, a glorious residue.

The gathered roster of artists includes emerging and established artists from a regional and national level who have built their careers in two and three dimensions. The space in the gallery itself will be monumentally transformed to become an experience where the participant is invited to enter an different environment where thresholds and boundaries are redefined; to enter what is to be a gallery/lounge/church/campsite. The process of putting the show together is well documented with regular meetings between the artists and the curator and multiple studio visits that are posted at the Swee(t)Art blog by Obi Kaufmann.

About the Venue

Five Points Art House is an artist-run alternative space that seeks to challenge traditional notions of the creative space. By exhibiting significant, engaging and challenging works of art as well as conceptualizing and creating forward thinking design solutions, Five Points operates as a unique resource for creative impulses. We promote visibility and accessibility by offering a true alternative model for interactions between the community and the creator.

Oakland curator and artist Obi Kaufmann makes his San Francisco debut with THE TROPHY ROOM. Known for high-concept shows, Obi has a knack for tying together underlying themes and presenting group shows that while being raw and high-energy, maintain a urbane and cosmopolitan quality. He was recently named 2009 curator of the year by the Piedmont Post and continues to curates shows at Swee(t)Art Drawing Gallery and Zza’s Wine Bar Gallery. Keep up with his work at


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