Brian Lucas, Light House

I am back in the Hive. I love it. My own little raven cave. It isn’t the same space as before…I’ll write more about that later…anyway, Elise Morris is running monthly shows out of the back room which is now a gallery space.

Brian Lucas is have a reception Friday night. His work is brilliantly colorful and his imagery is rich, full of imagination and poetry. I met him yesterday and had a kind of impromptu studio visit.

click on the images to enlarge.

a quick conversation via email:

Obi: Do you remember finishing your first painting?

Brian: I’m not sure: I may still be starting my first painting, or at least perpetually finishing it.

above is a book of his poetry. He gave me a copy. I am terribly excited. I think Poets are some of the bravest people on the planet. I haven’t read much of it yet, but so far it is clear he is a writer of quality.
Obi: Can you tell me what your influences are?
Brian: Passionate ornithology, bodiless yoga, asemic glyphs, translucent Cromlechs, eternal autonomous zones, early abstractions, Pacific dreamtime, comparative gibberish, old fashioned novelty, missing trance archives, atmospheric anomaly, and a brimful of abyss.

Obi: What is Mirabilia? the title of your show…
Brian: This word has been consensually designated to mean wonders, miracles, or marvels. Often associated with the “little people.” The paintings in this exhibition (Maps of Mirabilia) are maps of the marvelous, ideally– not the state itself, but a way of navigating to it, through it, and within it. Once having entered into this place the viewer will find there is no exit.

“Spring Welcome”, 2007

“Lightning’s Quiver”, 2009

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