Michael Patton at Zza’s. This Weekend!

The Art Of Michael Patton
Zza’s Wine Bar Gallery
550 Grand Ave.
Oakland, CA

Reception. Saturday, Feb 13th. 6-9pm

“The show will consist of a series of drawings which are not traditional but more about the idea of what a ‘drawing’ can be = marks on paper. focus on process + outcome. These drawings reflect a feeling and emotion of separation…and also a group of ‘intimate’ sculpture. (in scale and meaning)*also im planning to do a limited edition poster that will be available for sale at the opening. This work is very much a personal narrative- from process to material to presentation. The title is referencing the approach to the work, as far as concept and actual display (spacing). I use the word continuum in my statement, which refers to a compact and connected set containing at least two elements. I’im using this idea as a subtle metaphor for relationships and connection.” –

Michael Patton

STATEMENT:t h e s p a c e b e t w e e n ( a l o v e s t o r y )

Using our bodies, we measure the vastness of time through visual and physical experience. Ordinary objects can be deeply connected to intimate memories, emotion, and past experiences. Navigating identity, i find a personal narrative rooted in objects, materials, and process. Shaped by time, these works are presented as a continuum of remnant memories.

curator’s note: I have been a long-time fan of the art of Michael Patton and am proud to present him at Zza’s. His work is object-based, so it will differ from Zza’s’ usual faire of two dimensional work. Please come by for the usual spread of fantastic art, food and the best wine in the world. -Obi Kaufmann.


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