Five Points Art House: Cultural Artifacts

This is my first entry in a while and I am excited for it. It is nice to be back. I have been in South America for a while, well, Chile for two weeks and then Mexico for three, give or take. I am going to let this blog be a musing platform for me to reflect my experience of the Bay Area art scene in a more free form way than maybe I have done in the past, ie, ramming content into possibly restricting formats like the zine, or the gallery.

I am realy excited about Five Points Arthouse. Jason (Bryan) runs the place with the assistance of his longtime friend Erik (Parra). The space is kind of hidden, or at least off the main drag on Tehama in SF. (see This is actually the new location for the space, having relocated about a year or so ago. Since then, some really fine shows have come out of there.

There is a different and fresh vision of what a gallery is here. First of all, it is largely funded by other things than the sale of art. Jason is a consultant and does this for love. That frees up a lot of love, time and pressure to invite the community to push new ideas and to emancipate themselves from old modes of thinking about artist, collector, gallery-owner, etc… Modes I increasely think are dying in the face of an emerging 21st century. It is about community and when it is about community and not necessarily commodity, art gains relevance and a story emerges that I want to be a part of.

With Cultural Artifacts, Jessica Wallen does it again. Curating as Wallen Works, this is the second show that Jessica has curated at Five Points and the work is beautiful.

click on each image below to enlarge.


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