LIVING CITY 2 at Manifesto Bicycles Gallery

ARTQUEST2 was great; The LIVING CITY2 was the group show at Manifesto. I took these pictures the night of the show (August 22) before the reception. I was nervous, they aren’t very good, I will be taking other pictures later this week. See more pictures at John Casey’s Blog, Bunnywax.

Curator’s Statement, by Obi Kaufmann:

The first LIVING CITY show happened at Manifesto Bicycles Gallery on Feb 22, 2009 during the first ARTQUEST event along the 40th Street corridor. I had no idea there was going to be another one. Now that there is, a dialogue is forming: a comparison, a bridge, a thread. In many ways the previous version of the show was defined by activity within the very busy compositions themselves, wherein this show, the Group, as defined by the space between the artworks makes room for different, integrated relationships. The small gallery space poses unique challenges to hanging a group show, much like the crowded city itself. The environment becomes a hotbox of aesthetic activity, a micro-ecology of sorts.

In the LIVING CITY 2 we have an eclectic, even frenetic arrangement of artworks orbiting each other in a kind of deliberate dance of space. Jane Elliot’s ambiguously purposeful robots buzz around Bruk Dunbar’s architecture which seems to be in the process of being hijacked from within by some unstoppable organic force. I read Jeff Riley’s horizon-less landscape to be the sky of this pseudo-environment, where Marc Landes’ prints, having been made by walking on photonegatives around the City itself, to be the ground. The lone inhabitants of our crowded and colorful city are powerful individuals: Alex Rosmarin’s bikerider and Marcos Lafarga’s celebrity portrait both depict people we all know. They are both competent Everymen navigating their way through the City which seems, indeed, alive by its nature.

I want to thank Manifesto Bicycles very much for hosting this event and the artists for so amazingly rising to the occasion of it.

click on images to enlarge.

Sculptor Bruk Dunbar, in orange with the fabulously contemporous Christina Stork of Article Pract.

Marc Landes in front of his prints with wife Nicole and daughter, Sherriff Sabrina.

Alex Rosmarin helps out with the sign. I said “here is a crappy brush and some paint. help.” he made it look amazing.


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