David Seiler at Premium Tattoo and Vintage

For Artquest2, Premium Vintage and Tattoo on Broadway in Oakland showed the paintings of David Seiler. We had quite an adventure hanging the show Friday night, the night before the opening. These pictures are from that night.

Seiler’s multimedia work is all about the identity of the physical body. Exaggerated body parts seem almost arbitrarily enlarged, augmented with cartoon motifs, always masterfully done.

Seamstress Hilary Decker and husband, tattooist/painter Matt Decker get kissy between an enormous David Seiler diptych and beneath a Galactic board by me that is in their permanent collection.

This accordion image by David Seiler is installed above Mercury 20 on Grand Ave. in Downtown Oakland.

Here is proof that David Seiler can fly. If you have ever met him, you’ll believe me.

This 19 second movie I took on the corner of 41st and Broadway at 930pm on Aug 21, 2009. David marched this enormous painting from his home studio to the Gallery at Premium, a half mile walk.


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