Bluewater Avery at Issues 08-22-09

“Schlock and AWWW Shucks!” a show of multimedia art by Bluewater Avery at Issues Magazine Shop. 20 Glen Ave. Oakland. Opened Aug 22. 2009

Joe and Noella, who run issues magazine shop on Glen Ave in Oakland are two of my favorites for sure. Here they are in a nice portrait by me, early Saturday morning before the chaos of ARTQUEST2 was to begin many hours after.

For this show, which definitely gets the Most-Art-Per-Square-Foot award, Joe invited an old friend named Bluewater Avery (yes, his first name is Bluewater) from Sacramento. His work is thrilling because of its unique voice, unencumbered by so many artschool talents that fill my head with formalist ideals and technique ridden compositions.

Click on these images to enlarge them. I posted pretty large images because there is so much work.

While I was talking with Joe and Noella about the art, Noella showed me one of Bluewater’s old zines from the eighties that was filled with the most interesting haiku I have ever read. How can Hiaku be so interesting? When it is filled with honest and genuinly frank sexuality…I am still thinking about it.

The drawings are for sale for $15.

This one is from Joe’s own collection and was not for sale.

This trio is horrifying in the best way, like an Ed Wood movie.


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