The Swee(t)Art Drawing Gallery Opens!

It was a rockin good time Friday night as the first show premiered at the Sweetart Drawing Gallery at 6602 San Pablo Ave in Oakland. Even though there was a million other things going on in Oakland that night, plenty of people made it out and were rewarded for it. The gathered artists presented superior work that transcended and was radiant. I can’t thank them enough.

In line with the concept of the show entitled “The Modern Chimera” I painted a mural called “The Diamond Eye” symbolizing the waking dream, the birth.

The movable wall to the left pictured above features three pieces by Jon Carling (

Martha Sue Harris (

One of two drawings Martha Sue Harris has in the Show.

A Detail of the drawing by Christine Benjamin (

Again, the movable wall with Jon Carling’s work.

Drawing by Dave Higgins.

Teppei Ando (click to enlarge)

Matt Decker (

this is a black and white image of the drawing in the show…a supplemental drawing that will be included in the catalog, premiering December 1,2009 of the collected work in these three shows. That’s right, The Modern Chimera is the first of a trilogy called the Labyrinth of Form. For the curator’s essay, goto

Jon Carling and Dave Higgins.

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