Savanna Snow Snake Charmer

I visited Savanna in her Berkeley Studio recently and she gave me a beer. Her house is beautiful and I am now allowed to post this visit as there is a bunch of spoiler pics from her upcoming show in LA. Proceed through the article to find out the show info.

Obi: Your show in LA is called Charming Cobras? Where did that inspiration come from?

Savanna: The title came from a place in which I had already decided that I wanted to use this show to explore the visual cosmology of India, a subject I find eternally fascinating. In all honesty it is a part of lyric from ” Marrakesh Express ” . I hadn’t realized it until after I had written it on my studio wall that was the original source. It fit in many ways, snakes have a strong iconography and cobras appear often in Hindu scriptures. The cobras that I am referring to are the Nāgas mentioned in the Mahabharata. Cobras represent the ” serpent like traits ” of human personality, thus charming them is a conquest of negativity by a divine entity or personal quest. I am not seeking with this show to recreate popular conceptions but rather visualize my own panoply of Indic deities that represent various states of consciousness & energy.

Obi: How has your style evolved over the years? is this linear illustration vibe you have a new direction?
Savanna: Pattern and repetition have always been a state I employ to lose myself in the message of my muse. Much like a Sufi turning endless circles or chanting it is a ways to a means. I appreciate the beauty of natural geometry but I don’t want overwhelming visual perfection, just a clarity to my message. I don’t go for absolute representation I allow the imagination of my viewer to form a Gestalt with what I present them. There are certain motifs that I am continually exploring such as facial hair, tears, rays & mystic symbols, I will continue on this path until I have exhausted what I need to say. In the future I will be working on a much larger scale as the 2″ pieces are destroying my eyes !

Obi: Describe your relationship to the media itself. How do you paint? and how did you come about your technique?
Savanna: My technique is a total crapshoot. I went to various art schools and was brought up by an art instructor, along the way I resisted almost everything I was taught. In the end I just do what I want utilizing whatever strikes my fancy. I seek out materials that speak for themselves & have been blessed by a very magical house. My house is 100 years old and when I moved here was filled with ancient paper , copper bits , wood , bottles & other detritus. Whenever I need something to work on inevitably my house will provide for me. The materials I do use are often everyday liquids or organic in nature. I appreciate Wabi Sabi letting the isness or imperfection of my materials blend with the messages I place upon them forming a syncronism. I paint in my studio usually in half meditation half doing a million other things it’s always a study in contradictions. For this show i really submerged myself in musical dhyana while painting. It’s easy to get lost on a sitar highway while charming a cobra …

Savanna Snow will be showing at ReForm Gallery
Reception, Friday, July 31, 2009 Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: ReForm School, 3902 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

This is the second solo show of artist Savanna Snow. ” Charming Cobras ” is an exploration of metaphysical cosmology , pattern & the infinity of india.

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