Alex Rosmarin Studio Visit

By Obi Kaufmann. To see More Images and more info from Alex go to this link at

Alex and I actually went to high school together. I have vivid memories of being amazed by his ability to confidently draw a line back then, and boy he sure does draw a lot of them…lines, that is. Alex Rosmarin flowing drawings are filled with vibrancy and joy the belies the technical prowess that reigns over them.

“I finally sat down and figured out perspective. A lot of gallery illustration these days is so flat.” Alex Rosmarin.

Alex’s gouache, ink and watercolor technique happens in many layers.

He is working as an first year high school Art teacher in San Francisco. For a few of his students he has entered into a working dialogue where he takes one of their drawings and redoes it from his own perspective and returns it to them, opening their minds to new direction.

His basement studio is wallpapered as if it is all a storyboard for some fantastic animated movie that will never be made about some world that seems much brighter and lovelier than our own.

Alex’s new work will premier at Zza’s Wine Bar. 550 Grand Ave. Oakland, CA.
May 9th, 2009 6-9pm

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