David Seiler, 40th Street Art Gymnast

Matt, Hillary and I were sitting at Geo Kayes last week when David Seiler came by. I had met him before but haven’t had the chance to have a beer with him yet. Dude is totally gregarious in spirit and has a core charm about him.

Turns out his studio is right across the street from the bar, just around the bend from my home. He let me in to take some pictures. These composite sculptures are built from plastic and found materials that give them an indestructible quality. They will be around forever.

His style ranges from pop to classical and in the new work on board, spray paint abounds.

Again with more of the indestructable sculptures.

David is one of the 20 artists at Mercury 20 downtown. Here is the link to the official interview with David on the Mercury20 website.

David will be showing at Premium Tattoo and Gallery next ARTQUEST in August.

David did a standing backflip in the bar that night. coolest thing I ever saw. Apparently he teaches gymnastics as a day job.


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    […] Click here to see my first Studio Visit with David over a year ago. […]

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