Sweetart: Dave Higgins

Images property of the artist. reproduction prohibited.
scroll down for interview.
contact: obikaufmann@msn.com

1. Dave, What is the next project you are working on?

I’m working on a series on painted wood (mixed media) sculptures …
You might call them toys… I do…for shows in 2009
Along other projects and experiments… sort of like that Tom Waits song
“What’s He Building?” (in there).

2. Where do you live and do you want to live there?

Originally from Detroit, I live in Oakland, for last 12 years … love it.
Though the thought of living in Tokyo, Berlin or Paris also would be nice.

3. Who is your favorite artist right now?

I have 4 that I’m favoring these days, Art gods, Neo Ruach, Marlene Dumas, Ray Johnson and Anne Messenger… with a splash of Maira Kalman, shaken not stirred. Rinse thoroughly, repeat as needed.

4. What is the best show you have been to lately?

The new Bond movie is sick… Oh you mean arty shows ?
Hmmm the Last show I really loved was at the Paule Anglim Gallery (SF) … Work of James Castle (1900-1977) He was born deaf and I think he wasn’t able to speak but is drawings and paper constructions are amazing … most were drawn using his spit and the soot from the inside of the families wood burning stove. Mostly done on reclaimed paper (envelopes and old calendars) incorporating text and fonts from the printed ephemera, amazing stuff from an untrained home artist … you would think he had studied graphic design for years … way before David Carson’s style of deconstructed “print is dead” work. Check him out … being you love drawlings yourself and all.

5. What is your favorite thing about the Oakland Art Scene?

My favorite thing; is that I’m not really a part of the scene.

6. What is your least favorite thing about the Oakland Art Scene?

My least favorite thing; in general the hygiene of the crowd.

7. If you could label a movement taking place in the Oakland Art Scene right now, what would you label it? Who are your examples?­

If a movement is happening as I see it … it’s still in flux … I see loads of art that looks something like Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the moon CD cover only on white space (not black) and then an addition of a deer or out of place item like a toaster. In short … Geometric surrealism.
Or another popular look is strong riff / flat out homage to Barry McGee and the artist featured in the Beautiful loser show(s)… which again is maybe just a bay area esthetic, opposed to the Pop Surrealism popular of LA area (see: Juxtapoz)

I can’t say I can name any one artist (bad remembering names) that has a Movement in hand … Like in most cases it seems that once someone becomes “successful” the rest attempt to follow that lead to a point of saturation.


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