Pictures from an infamous night.

I only did one blog post in February. I was too busy making and not busy observing (which I believe is the best function of the blog format.) My camera broke too. That is a big factor…no camera. Then ARTQUEST happened. I was so tired by the time of ARTQUEST on the night of February 21 that I did not know, and still don’t, how to go on?

the people. the community, sure…validation is important. My friends are so beautiful. Below are some picks. Molly Russell, Michael Mellon, Matt and Hillary Decker with brother Dan and Brian Caraway and Jason Byers.

There is so much to say, not sure how to say it. It was a great event. I am so thankful to everyone for their help. We will do it again. I would like to organize it without preparing for one show and curating another show.


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