Brian Caraway at Zza’s Wine Bar/Studio Visit

note: 04-02-09. Brian Caraway’s Show just ended. be sure to catch him at the MFA show at Mills, May 2nd. Click here for link.

Brian had me over to his studio at Mills College where he is working on his MFA (he is in his last semester) last week. I am very pleased to bring his work to Zza’s Wine Bar later this month. Brian is a good friend and neighbor of mine and I am a big fan of his poetic visual art irrespective of my personal relationship with him. In addition to visual art, Brian is plays in a band called Lady Genius, click here for the link.

These seeming chromatograph-like compositions read as sketches or a genome diary for Brian’s very personal research.

above, a fluorescent light piece that sits in an above space, like a light from some kind of industrial/celestial space above Brian’s workspace.

Brian is working on his very own hue. A color he plans on calling “INTERNATIONAL CARAWAY PINK.”

This piece above may or may not be in the show. Better show up to find out.

Brian is actually a prolific drawer and always has been…not jsut because grad school is making him. His level of laborious detail exploring the most simple harmonic motifs is inspiring.


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