Lena Reynoso at Blankspace, Inaguration Night

I am not a flag waver. Never have been. I am one who believes, in the words of Utah Phillips, “Loyalty to country always, loyalty to the government when it deserves it.” I feel like most people wrongly equate America with its government. I grew up in the era of Reagan and for the past eight years I have been bleeding hate for Mr. Bush and his hateful agenda of faith-based ignorance that existed largely in shadow and is guilty of numerous crimes against humanity and the world environment at large. Where does that leave me now?

Saying all that, Lena Reynoso’s forty four presidents is a fascinating experience…one that made me really question the relationship with my country and my government. Go see it, it will happen to you too.

Inaguration night, Jason and Kerri over at Blankspace had a big screen tv and awesome cocktails, with flags hanging all around. It was a wonderful time and in this age of questioning, doubt, wonder and trepidation, Lena and her paintings offer a kind of security-in-history…I am not sure if I can have faith but I can have faith in her art and the work together makes it really something special beacuse of it. I like the one of Nixon. God, he looks mean.


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