A flurry of writing about Oakland Art

An interesting trio of articles have just been published that paints (excuse my pun) a very interesting portrait of the Oakland Art Thing at the present moment. The Thing, as I call it, which is ultimately the process of reconciling friendships and commerce in our community as economies change. All three articles are remarkably frank and open themselves up to a certain amount of debate and even vitriole as nerves are thin. Oakland is dealing with internal and external pressures. By internal pressures I think of the economic realities of living in such an environment that even those who could afford to support arts last year, simply aren’t this year…not to mention, how we deal with one another as artists, galleries, writers, all of the above…by external pressures I think of what we collectively are and our place, whether real or merely perceived, in the larger (art) world.

The first article, by Theo Konrad Auer appears in the Oakbook, click here for the link. The second, by Rachel Swan appears in the East Bay Express, click her for the link. The third, a reaction to Swan’s article by Steven Barich appears in Arttopic, click here for the link.

Artopic.org is an interesting site. On a side note, check out Narangkar Glover’s articles, she has a couple of them, I really appreciate her emphatic and honest writing style and her observations often strik to the core.


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