Dead Spaces Zine for the LoBot show

I made this thing! yay. I am really proud of the fine artists whose names are in it and there are two very good articles by Theo Konrad Auer (who was really responsible for gathering all the content and getting the publishing money together. Congrats and cheers Theo.)…and Petra Royale Bibeau (yes, you do need three names to be an art writer, why do you ask?) I didn’t have my camera the other night, but you can scoot over to John Casey’s blog to see about fourteen million pics from the show. So much good work I was totally overwhelmed. I met Peter St.Lawrence who had a bunch of crazy sculptures in bell jars, love it! Jake Watling’s fluorescent savages (I love the word savage,) were totally savage. Alex Case had some sewn pieces hanging in the Liminal space that were beautiful (Tyrannobot!) and Andrew Schoultz had a piece of painted money in Auto that had me swooning. Boontling’s show made me kind of sad: Derek always put everything into every show and this spread was the same effort. I miss Boontling terribly and I know there is an army of us. Notably absent: Percy Feils (?) Great show. I was so proud to have three paintings in it.


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