Derek Weisberg’s Studio

Scroll down for interview with Derek.

Since the interview, Olam Haba is up and running at Rowan Morrison.

click here for show information.

I stopped by Derek Weisberg’s studio the other day to drop of a couple of the pieces that will be in the show this Saturday at LoBot called “Resurrection: Dead Spaces” and was blown away by his collection. I did not take any pics of the new work that he is preparing for his Rowan Morrison show in February but man o man I can’t wait. It is going to be an amazing show.

Swee(t)Art artists Interviews.
Nov. 2008

1. What is the next project you are working on?

A Solo show at Rowan Morrison in February, titled “Olam Haba” a show which will transform the gallery into a sculpture filled, candle lit catacomb. I think its gonna be good!

2. Where do you live and do you want to live there?

I live in West Oakland and not really.

3. Who is your favorite artist right now?

Too many to mention just one.. The list ranges from a 4,680 year old unknown Egyptian sculptor to Percy Feils and “Other”

4. What is the best show you have been to lately?

Martin Puryear at SFMOMA

5. What is your favorite thing about the Oakland Art Scene?

The sense of community, the energy and vitality, the intimacy, the sense of onward and upward motion.

6. What is your least favorite thing about the Oakland Art Scene?

Nobody buys shit, and there is not enough criticism.

7. If you could label a movement taking place in the Oakland Art Scene right now, what would you label it? Who are your examples?­

There is no movement in Oakland or anywhere really, I don’t think movements happen as geographically defined as they once did. The only real movement which encompasses all of what is happening is pluralism and it will probably always be like this.

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