Marcos Lafarga At Zza’s Wine Bar

Marcos Lafarga is a brilliant painter and graphic designer. The eight paintings (yes, damnit, they’re paintings) that he is going to debut for this show next week are so fine that I feel maybe we should have an actual debate that has got to be anti-academic, but absolutely serious: Is Design Dead? What does it mean? Where does my hand end and the computer begin? All of us armed with CS3 and tools that not ten years ago would have been inconceivable, what does it mean to kill design? How does it relate to paint? Maybe the answer is just “I don’t know” but I still like to stare at the ceiling late at night and wonder: “I hope there is an artist out there who is willing to kill design.” Or, at least announce its death. Bravo Marcos, I am so pleased to be the curator of this show. To you who read this, come drink wine with us next friday won’t you?


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