Dead Spaces at Lobot Gallery

Oh, this one is going to rock, me oh my, please be there. You know what? Make your Grandma come…if she likes Oakland Art, because this is a good intro to Oakland art, at least the art I like.
1800 CAMPBELL ST. Oakland
SATURDAY OCT 4th, 6pm till late
Participating Artists (partial:) Joshua Blake, Will Buzell, John Casey, Shannon Corr,Chantal De Felice, Tara Lisa Foley, Arthur Gonzalez, Rich Jacobs, Faye Jaime, Obi Kaufmann, Jeremy Kirsch, Uri Korn, Mike Lay, Alex Lucas, Marty Lund, Nathan Lynch,Crystal Morey, Brendan Nakahara, Juliette Oken, Hilary Pecis, Kyle Ranson,Matthew Reamer, Caleb Rogers, Catherine Ryan, Sham Saenz, Andrew Schoultz,Hector Serna, Lucien Shapiro, Savana Snow, Kevin Taylor, Mark Taylor,Joe Teplitz, Thesis, Zefrey Throwell, Jake Watling, Morgan Wick,Paul Wingert, Jessie Wright-Jackson
LoBot Gallery is proud to resurrect a group of past Oakland art galleries to once again produce art shows for the land of the living. LoBot has repurposed it’s large main gallery into over 7 galleries to include over 50 participating artists in the DEAD show. Part art fair, part group show; each space is individually curated by the participating galleries. While this show serves to present a broad survey of bay area artists, it is also intended to raise awareness of Oakland’s recent history of gallery start-ups and DIY art spaces. While there will be an exceptional amount of art present, there will also be an opportunity for interested viewers to expand there understanding of why individuals create these art spaces, and also why such spaces close their doors.

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