Robert Porter and Carrissa Bowman, Give and Take at Zza’s Wine Bar

I always get these ghost spots on pictures that I take at Zza’s Wine Bar. Is it haunted? Only by excellent wine (spirits) I am sure. I wanted to post these pictures a couple of weeks ago, they are from August 29th. It is a very interesting show. Robert Porter and Carrissa Bowman have been living together and making work side by side (he is a painter, she is a ceramicist) for almost two decades. I have known them for about that long. This is the second show I have curated of their work. The first was co-curated with Lexa Walsh at Cricket Engine Gallery last year. Again, they have come up with an amazing body of work; a show that fits the space in an elegant and effortless way. Over thirty works hang at the Wine bar and the Owner of Zza’s, Regina, came up to me before the recepetion and said that this was her favorate show yet (of the five I have curated at Zza’s so far, my own included.) Robert and Carrissa’s work make reference to a millieu of nature forms and organic patterns; sophisticated and enrapturing, their art works are guaranteed to inspire wonder and contemplation over their detail and kind-of biomechanical aesthetic.

Robert and Carrissa take a moment before the show.

I am at right apparently already devolving. Greg Glazner, art guy, at left rocks the backpack.


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