There! New Art from Oakland at DiRosa

The DiRosa Preserve for Art and Nature in Napa has, arguably, the best collection of 20th century California Art in the World. I was very pleased to be invited to show in this month’s “There! New Art from Oakland” show curated by Michael Schwager. The reception was Saturday night and it was a really good time. I would really like to thank Michael and John Casey ( for my inclusion in the show. One of the best aspects of the show was that my work hung next to Alika Cooper’s, who is one of my favorite artists (
The work included in the show was previously shown at Issues in Oakland (

I love this moment. Alli’s grandfather, Gordon Darling talking to Rene DiRosa, who I was very pleased to meet.

The light on the lake that Rene Dirosa built so many decades ago is so amazing. In the heart of the Carneros Valley, I don’t know if it was because of the wine or what, but made me want to make cheezee tourist paintings. Apparently back in the fifties, Rene used to have art parties on the island.

Oakland Pete ( is not Matt Volla, but he is fielding questions.

Laura, Molly and myself don’t know what to look at.

Derek Wood on the bridge built by Barry Monigle. The moon hangs in the sky.

click to enlarge.


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