Double Vision, Front Gallery

Opening Friday, August 1, 2008.
What happens when two artists set their sights on a common goal? Double Vision!
Double Vision celebrates that rare occasion when artists put their egos aside and aim for a single horizon. Styles collide, sparks fly, media are mixed and molecules recombine in this all-collaboration show, brought to you by Magnolia Editions and featuring teamwork by artists including David Best, Donald Farnsworth, Era Farnsworth, Robert Hudson, Raymond Saunders, Richard Shaw, and William Wiley.
Keep an eye out for a rarely seen tapestry by the Art Guys and three mixed-media shoji screens by Hudson, Shaw, and Wiley, exhibited here for the first time ever.
Curated by Nick Stone.
Receptions: Friday, August 1 and Friday, September 5, 7 p.m.–10:00 p.m. in conjunction with Oakland Art Murmur First Fridays (
The exhibit will run until September 25, 2008.
Gallery Hours:
Wednesday, 11am-5pm,
Friday 1pm-5pm,
Saturday, 1pm-4pm
First Fridays of the month, 7 pm-10pm
p: 510. 444. 1900
35 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94612 (map)


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