Alli and Obi trip across the West

We put 4000 miles on our poor subaru in about two weeks. CA,NV,CO,NM,AZ and then I went to South Dakots with my mom. the below pics are a couple of highlights. I only had a disposable camera so I was on a picture budget.

The first is on the road to Telluride mountain in Colorado: we saw elk but no Tom Cruise (apparently he has a house there.) I have a bunch of pictures like this: towering and beautiful wilderness fading away to blurry horizon. I have not included them here.
below is the largest bug I have ever seen. A centipede that measured 7 inches long, a native of Bisbee, Arizona. That step he is on is twelve inches wide. squirmy!

That is the Crazy Horse monument in the background behind the tipi. A ruin in reverse: it will take a long time to build, you have to imagine what it will look like as oppose to what it once did look like. It is so large you can fit all four Rushmore heads into his. If you don’t know who Crazy Horse is. Check it. He is a hero.

This is how Alli plays the guitar. Deal with it.

Jackelope is the primary mode of transportation in South Dakota.

We partied with the whole town of Madrid, New Mexico, literally. Three kegs and a few hundred people at the old schoolhouse. This sign is from the bar. We loved it there, truly.


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