Obi at Swarm and Issues, Fri 05-02-08

Obi’s Website:

Friday night was wierd and great. It started at five at Zza’s Wine Bar with the lovely Lexa Walsh who has just returned from Denmark where she has been at residency for two months. We shared some wine including a red organic from France that was amazing. At Zza’s during happy hour they give out really tasty treats. I think it will be a regular thing for me. Nathaniel Parsons show of paintings “Field and Stream” is still up.

I was bummed to see that Swarm was not open Friday night but I imagine Svea was exhausted after visiting the Next show of galleries in Chicago. My show is still up there for a couple of weeks and they are open regular hours Tuesday through Saturday.

The Art Murmur was packed. Oh my…who are all these people?! That many people in those galleries made for a largely stifling environment. After seeing the work though, I understood why there were so many people out. It was a really wonderful Murmur. Lot’s of group shows (nobody had a solo show,) but so crowded I am going to have to go back to see anything (and hopefully buy!)

My show at Issues is up for another couple of weeks too. Please check it out.

I will be leaving my studio at the Hive by the end of this month. It has been fun but I am moving to do more drawing and I don’t need a big studio to do that.


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