Alexis Amann at Johansson Projects

Well, this photo is a bit out of focus but it is worth it to go check it out at Johansson Projects ( Rebecca Whipple ( , an expatriot living in Paris (ah, the dream…) makes graphic, almost cartoon like images presented in unique ways that suggests they are something else than rote exercises of technique. This one depicts Baba Yaga’s hut, a motif that is fascinating people these days. A russian grandmother witch who lives in a walking hut that moves around on chicken legs. Monica Canilao ( (cover artist for Sweetart10 ( , out July 08) depicted the same motif at Luggage Store Gallery ( last month.

Thanks for the mention Obi!
That image is by Alexis Amann 😉 but Rebecca Whipple does live in Paris.

All best,


j o h a n s s o n p r o j e c t s

Whoops! Alexis Amann it is.


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