Nathaniel Parsons at Zza’s Wine Bar

Nathaniel Parsons “Field and Stream” Zza’s Wine Bar, 550 Grand Ave, Oakland ( runs through the first week of June. There are better pics of Nat’s work at hit the “bloggy” button

Katie Shoen, general manager of Zza’s Wine Bar at 550 Grand Ave. right on the lake, asked me a couple of months ago if I knew some artists as she was looking to up the art-ante of the bar. Do I?! Nathaniel Parsons is one of my very favorate artists of all time and he is a studio mate of mine too, so I was really excited to be able to introduce him to Katie. Last night was the reception for his show and even though I only had about 10 minutes to say hi (Alli and I were running off to her grandparents 61st wedding anniversary!) I am really glad we did. The show is dreamy and nostalgic. Nathaniel’s new work, defined by carved wood motifs and bright spots of emotive color, evokes his rural fascination with an Americana that is non-jaded, free and inspiring.

Alli bought this beautiful painting as we are dreaming about moving someday to New Mexico and Nathaniel’s swooning, wistful vision fits our idea of how we want to live (and it was an incredible deal for $300.) Next month is Dan Nelson, ( and then Zza’s will host me and the release of Swee(t)art10 in July.

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