First Friday 04-04-08

I went out to first friday last night. I really like the six oclock hour because the crowds are more reasonable and I can see some art. Robert Jew at Front Gallery ( served pork rolls which are amazingly good. I really believe his gallery is an staple of quality in the art murmur.

Dana and Maya were hanging out at Industrielle (
I think Dana is just hilarious and her store is looking better than ever. She is really unique there, you know? in her little boutique. I am really proud she has hung in there for almost two years. She says she is putting together an all-women’s art show to raise money for domestic abuse organizations. I am looking forward to that.

Then I went to Esteban’s ( and met Marty McCorkle ( again, that guy is great. Esteban’s husband. I really like his new work…he says to me “you know Obi, I paint by numbers.” He obviously doesn’t. Cute, nonetheless.

Kim Johannson ( is very sweet too. I don’t know how she manages to get the amazing shows she does every single show. I ask her to please reveal her secrets to me for a sweetart feature, she agreed! stay tuned. It was a casual acceptance, right now I am hoping there will be a sweetart10 at all.

I met Theo Auer suckin a beer at mama buzz after running past Blook printing extravaganza. It looked way too intense in there for me. Theo has just posted a very nice piece on the novometro site about my work ( A consumate and talented writer, I am very appreciative to Theo for his support.

I wanted to make it to blankspace (, I havent seen Jason and Kerri in a while and John’s pics ( of the Sam Lopez show are really good. But I was on my bike, so I couldn’t go very far.

My last stop of the evening was at my neighbor and buddy’s gallery, Rowan Morrison ( Pete was showing the work of Michelle Huber. It is a tight little show, always is a Pete’s place. Michelle’s work reminds me of dreams I had when I was young.

Pete and I discussed all the cool shit going on in our neighborhood at 40th and Broadway. Manifesto Bicycles ( is opening today with Jessica Serran’s ( work up. I can’t wait to see what she has done now.


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